Mukka Motorsport

Promo Poster design ready for Mukka Motorsport and their SP Tools NZ Super Saloon! Ready for the Extreme Dirt series! make sure you get to the pits to grab one from Benji and the Team! #awsgraphics #mukkamotorsport #Sptoolsnz

Drift car livery for driftyad

Kicking off 2023 with this 180sx Drift car livery for driftyad ,Adam Wareing. The bright colours over the black are going to pop. freshly drawn Te37s looking tough in gold on the black car! I have only ever had a rocket bunny 180sx front view and my rear view had no bumper so fresh artwork for those […]

Concept Livery for Ahmad Daham

Here’s a “fan art” Concept Livery for Ahmad Daham If he had an S13 it might have looked like this. #AWSGraphics #ahmaddaham #s13 #ps13 #driftcar #redbull #toyotyres #rocketbunny

Stanaway Motorsport

Check this livery out for Stanaway Motorsport and drivers Thomas Stanaway and André Heimgartner Representing Starship Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Good luck this weekend at Paradise Valley Speedway Rotorua!

Phil Burgess Racing 15t

Here is Phil Burgess Racing 15t new look for the new season. the roof line in my render is wrong the roof on the actual car looks very angry! The car looks awesome Phil! Can’t wait to see some photos of it in action!

The #TANEFA is back!

From render to reality! Nico Reid Drift ready to hit the track tomorrow! Another #theAteam effort withRed Star Signs printing and applying the graphics. MF photography with the photos. So cool to see Nico and the teams reaction to the finished product!

Josh Robinson’s EuROOfighter

Its so good to finally show you guys this car! Josh Robinson’s EuROOfighter! ready for Formula Drift! These HGK cars are hectic! such beasts! Josh is an animal behind the wheel and I can’t wait to watch him compete this weekend! We wanted to create a design that showed off the fact the cars body work […]

S J Hampton Engineering Hot Rod Superstock

Its always cool working with Steve Hampton and his S J Hampton Engineering Hot Rod Superstock. Here is another #theAteam project with Red Star Signs printing and applying the graphics designed by AWS Graphics.

Billie Woodhouse’s Slick Saloon

Here is Billie Woodhouse’s Slick Saloon with its new Livery designed by AWS Graphics. This car is always awesomely presented so its very cool to be involved with making it even better this season! What do you guys and girls think?